Modernize Your HOA Elections

Experience a seamless, secure, and user-friendly electronic voting journey with Electis, powered by blockchain technology. Boost community engagement and ensure every voice is heard in your Home Owner Association, fostering transparent and trustworthy elections.

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Tailored for Your HOA Governance

Transition seamlessly to electronic voting with Electis, meticulously designed to align with your Home Owner Association's governance needs. Our blockchain-empowered platform encapsulates a suite of features aimed at simplifying elections, ensuring unparalleled security, and promoting active community engagement. Delve into a user-friendly interface that renders electoral processes more efficient, accessible, and compliant with your HOA's regulations, all while upholding the highest standards of transparency and integrity.

Blockchain Security

Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, our platform ensures that every vote is securely cast, accurately counted, and permanently recorded on a tamper-proof ledger.

Ease of Use

Designed with user-friendly interfaces, our platform is easy for both administrators and voters to navigate through the election process.

Customizable Ballots

Tailor your election ballots to fit the unique needs and regulations of your HOA, including the ability to handle multiple positions, issues, or by-law amendments.


Our electronic voting system is accessible from any device, enabling homeowners to vote at their convenience, thereby promoting higher voter turnout

Real-Time Results

Get instant, real-time results as votes are cast, allowing for transparent and prompt reporting to your community.

Insightful Analytics

Unleash the power of data with our platform's robust analytics capability. Effortlessly monitor voter turnout, analyze voting patterns, and glean crucial metrics to refine future elections and foster community engagement

Inclusive Language Support

Bridge language gaps in your diverse community with our multi-language support feature. Enable homeowners to interact with the voting platform in their native language, promoting inclusivity and clear understanding

Benefits Designed for HOA Governance

  • Increased Participation

  • Cost-Effectiveness

  • Enhanced Compliance

  • Environmental Friendliness

Engage More Residents

Increased Participation: Simplifying the voting process and making it accessible online encourages higher voter participation, ensuring more democratic decision-making.

Save Time and Money

Cost-Effectiveness: Reduce costs associated with traditional paper-based elections, including printing, mailing, and manual counting

Ease Legal Compliance

Enhanced Compliance: Our system aids in compliance with state laws and HOA bylaws regarding elections and voting, making governance smoother and less prone to legal challenges

Eco-Friendly Voting

Environmental Friendliness: Transitioning to electronic voting is a green initiative, reducing the need for paper and associated waste

Your School Election Partner

  • Community Association Managers: Managing annual elections for the communities you service can be seamless with Electis. Our platform ensures exemplary election management for your board, freeing up your valuable time to focus on other crucial tasks. Discover more.

  • HOA Boards: Your dedication to your homeowner’s association is commendable, and we aim to support your board in excelling. Electis simplifies the setup and election management process, promising a successful election, even if it’s your inaugural experience.

  • Condominium Boards: No matter the size or height of your building, Electis caters to all your voting necessities. Our platform facilitates easy allocation of votes based on ownership, making the setup, voting, and result sharing a breeze. Discover more.

  • Strata Council: Make decisions that resonate with the sentiments of Strata Corporation members. Utilize Electis for council elections, budget approvals, and feedback collection, ensuring every owner gets an equitable vote count. Whether voting in person or remotely, our platform makes it straightforward.

  • Building Cooperative: From procurement choices, vendor selections, budgeting, tenant choices, to electing building representatives, Electis serves as a comprehensive tool for all your voting needs. Our platform fosters cooperative decision-making, accurately reflecting the majority's will. Discover more.

Explore Common Queries

How does blockchain technology enhance the security of electronic voting?

Blockchain technology underpins our electronic voting system, ensuring a tamper-proof, transparent, and immutable record of all votes. Each vote is recorded as a transaction, making unauthorized alterations impossible, thus enhancing the integrity and trustworthiness of the electoral process

Can homeowners vote using their smartphones or tablets?

Yes, our platform's responsive design allows homeowners to cast their votes effortlessly using any device - be it a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The user-friendly interface adapts to different screen sizes, ensuring a seamless voting experience anytime, anywhere.

How does the multi-language support feature work?

Our multi-language support feature ensures inclusivity by allowing homeowners to interact with the voting platform in their preferred language. Users can easily switch between different languages, making the voting process more accessible and understandable to everyone in your diverse community.

What kind of analytics can be derived from the voting data?

Our robust analytics feature enables HOAs to track voter turnout, analyze voting patterns, and glean other crucial metrics. These insights can be instrumental in refining future elections, understanding community preferences, and fostering better engagement among homeowners

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