Secure and Transparent School Elections with Blockchain Technology

Electis presents a groundbreaking solution for managing parent representative elections in your K-12 school. Our platform, built on public blockchain and open-source technology, guarantees a secure, transparent, and user-friendly experience for both organizers and voters, simplifying the electoral process.

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Why Choose Electis for K-12 School Elections?

In the realm of K-12 education, fostering a culture of engagement, transparency, and inclusivity is paramount. Elections, whether they are for student government, parent-teacher associations, or school board positions, are a cornerstone of this endeavor. They not only provide a platform for voices to be heard but also instill a sense of democratic practice and community involvement from a young age.

Electis elevates this democratic ethos by offering a robust, secure, and transparent election platform powered by cutting-edge public blockchain and open-source technology. Our platform is crafted to seamlessly handle various electoral processes within the K-12 environment, ensuring that every vote counts and the integrity of the electoral process remains uncompromised.

Choosing Electis for your K-12 school elections translates to embracing a future where technology and democracy converge to create a more engaged and empowered educational community. Read on to discover the unique advantages that Electis brings to the table, making it the go-to solution for modern, reliable, and transparent school elections.


Our public blockchain platform ensures optimum security, protecting against any form of data manipulation and guaranteeing the integrity of election results


With real-time verifiable results, our platform delivers an unmatched level of transparency, allowing for immediate auditability and bolstering trust among stakeholders


Electis is designed to be intuitive and accessible, ensuring a smooth voting experience for everyone, regardless of technical proficiency

Key Features for K-12 school

  • Instant Results

  • Assured Anonymity

  • Full Traceability

  • Customizable Ballots

  • Multilingual Support

  • Increased Engagement

Real-Time Revelations

Access election results instantly, in real-time

Anonymity Assurance

Guarantee confidentiality and anonymity for your voters with our secure platform

Traceability Triumph

Complete traceability allows for easy verification and auditability, ensuring election legitimacy

Ballot Bespoke

Adapt the ballots to the specific needs of your parent representative elections.

Language Latitude

Our platform offers support in multiple languages, ensuring inclusivity for all voters

Engagement Elevation

The ease of use and accessibility of our platform encourage greater voter turnout, contributing to higher election participation rates

Your School Election Partner

  • Student Government: Empower your students to engage with democracy within your school by voting on pertinent issues. Be it student presidential elections, prom royalty, MVP award voting, or gathering student feedback, Electis provides a secure and transparent platform for all.

  • School Staff or School Boards: Earn top marks with Electis for voting on school initiatives, meeting motions, referendums, school policies, or local school board matters. Our platform simplifies sending notices, electronic voting, and provides immediate result tallying to share with the school community.

  • Teacher or Staff Unions: For collective bargaining, executive votes, budget approvals, and meeting voting, Electis streamlines the process allowing more time for teaching and planning rather than voting logistics.

  • Parent Council/PTA/PTO: Parents play a pivotal role in a child’s academic success. Engage parents in voting on programs, school board members, and budgets to ensure active parent involvement in school affairs, fostering a conducive environment for student achievement.

  • Other School Groups: Whether it's an after-school care group, teacher association, student group, school board elections, or any school-related group, Electis’s flexibility facilitates setting up and managing elections for every kind of school voting scenario.

Explore Common Queries

What makes Electis secure for K-12 school elections?

Electis utilizes public blockchain and open-source technology which ensures optimum security by protecting against any form of data manipulation and guaranteeing the integrity of election results

How does Electis ensure transparency in the voting process?

Our platform provides real-time verifiable results, allowing for immediate auditability. Each vote is recorded on a tamper-proof ledger with a unique cryptographic signature, bolstering trust and transparency in the electoral process

Is technical expertise required to use the Electis platform?

No, Electis is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless voting experience for everyone, regardless of technical proficiency. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support to help users navigate the platform with ease.

How does the open-source aspect of Electis benefit the users?

The open-source nature means that the code powering Electis is publicly available for inspection and review. This transparency allows for a community-driven approach to security and functionality enhancements, ensuring the platform remains robust, up-to-date, and aligned with user needs.

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