Our Story

In 2018, Electis was established by a cohort of enthusiastic individuals from both the public and private sectors. Right from the outset, the Electis community was united by a shared aspiration to enhance democracy through technological advancements. In collaboration with eminent experts and academics in the domain, we devised a solution that met all the criteria for verifiable, secure voting while rendering it more accessible and adaptable - thus fostering a grassroots democracy.

Today, we extend e-governance tools to public institutions, private enterprises, associations, and NGOs, which they can rely upon. Our solutions, tailored for conducting confidential and verifiable votes and surveys, continually evolve through the feedback from our community. Electis stands as a decentralized Web3 voting solution, employing state-of-the-art encryption technology to assure transparency and security for our clientele.

We uphold the principle that anonymity should be accessible to all. We advocate for electronic voting solutions that are fundamentally open-source and verifiable. We foresee a world where collective trust will blossom through decentralized voting. We envisage a future where Electis emerges as a trusted haven for all those wishing to vote anytime, anywhere, sans the need for a centralized authority.

Our Vision


Electis Formation as a Non-profit

Initiated by two aficionados of e-democracy, namely former French Civil Servant Gilles Mentré and Startup Weekend co-founder Franck Nouyrigat.


Received a funding of 500k from the Tezos Foundation

facilitating 18 months of Research and Development to create an initial voting platform.


First Clients

Universities and NGOs commence utilization of the Electis platform for their internal elections.


Selected by Scaleway

Electis was inducted into Scaleway's incubation program

October 2021

E-Vote ID Conference

Unveiling of Electis’ voting solution at the e-vote ID conference.


October 2021

Launch of Electis City Project with Neuilly-Sur-Seine

Inauguration of the first among many citizen engagement projects in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

December 2021

French Senate

Gilles Mentré presents on Electis and digital democracy to the French Senate Delegation for local authorities.

July 2022


Electis re-emerges as Electis Solutions, broadening its service range to include voting, consultation, and critical surveying tools.