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According to the OECD, only 51% of citizens trusted their government in 2020, and 85% of employees are not engaged in their workplace. The lack of participation and trust is becoming an increasing problem not only in the political sphere but also in the realm of work. People need their voices heard to feel engaged - as an employee as well as a citizen. With the Electis consultation solution you can start today to collect opinions of your constituency, for an informed decision making and to increase engagement.

Engaged citizens can play a critical role in making public institutions more transparent, accountable, and effective, and contributing innovative solutions to development challenges.


For Cities

Consult with citizens, or subgroups of citizens that are impacted by an issue, on topics such as local development projects, cultural events, and many more

For Companies

Make inclusive decisions about the future of your organisation. Identify problems, be better prepared to address them and avoid potential disagreements, tensions and conflicts

For Cities

  • Consult citizens, or subgroups of citizens about local issues such as cultural events or urban development projects
  • Participation in your cities cultural institutions (Libraries, Cinemas etc)

For Companies

  • For organisational fact-finding, to identify and deal with changes to work practices, procedures, policy and contract changes
  • Include employees into decisions around the company
  • Consult with customers and other stakeholders about organisational issues 


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