Voting Solution

A single platform for all voting needs of your company!

Hold virtual votes and elections with the same integrity and security as a secret paper ballot but with lower cost, more accuracy, speed, and convenience. Our platform provides all functionalities to support legally binding elections, and conference live voting.


End-to-end verifiability

live tracking of the votes

Integration with voting terminals

Customizable ballots

Quorums and flexible majorities

Distribution in voter groups


Compatible with all devices

Public results


  • Professional elections and work council elections (CSE, CSSCT, CSEC)
  • Student elections
  • Youth council elections

Assembly voting

  • General Assemblies (AGM)
  • Committee meeting votes
  • Resolution voting

True and accurate Results

We provide confidentiality and verifiability

Many online election systems used today have technical or procedural gaps that open doors to speculation or risk. End-to-end verifiability closes these by delivering proof that voting results are true and accurate

Distributed trust

Multiple guardians, are sharing the keys to the ballot box and the election results are stored on a public blockchain

Client-side encryption

The ballots are encrypted locally, before they are transmitted to the server

Individual verifiability

Voters can check if their final ballot has been accurately counted in the final tally

Universal verifiability

Users can verify whether a tally represents the ballots as they have been submitted by the voters and allows for recounts

What we offer

Compliant, legally secure elections

We are GDPR compliant by design (no storing of unencrypted data), and we meet all legal requirements from general assembly meeting voteing, company elections and more.


We use cutting-edge encryption technology, different identity verification options, and blockchain technology to secure voters' identities and election results.

Reduced cost

Moving your elections online means significantly lower administration costs. We work with flexible pricing models letting you choose between different options such as one time events to monthly and yearly subscriptions.

End-to-end verifiable

After a vote or election closes, voters can verify if their ballot has been cast as intended - while not revealing what they have voted for.


User-friendliness is one of our highest priorities. The platform organically leads organizers and voters through the election process on their phones, tablets, or PCs.


Integrate our platforms seamlessly into existing participation platforms or websites. Our service includes the setting up of your platform with your organizations branding.

Clients that are already voting with us