Our Solutions

We provide flexible and customisable solutions for the e-governance needs of private companies, public institutions and associations around the world.

What we offer

Compliant, legally secure elections

We are GDPR compliant by design (no storing of unencrypted data) and we meet all legal requirements from holding general assemblies, citizen participation to critical surveying.


We use cutting-edge encryption technology, different identity verification options and blockchain technology to secure users identities and participation results.

Reduced cost

Moving your governance online means significantly lower costs in administering elections, participation and surveying. We work with flexible pricing models spanning from one time events to monthly and yearly subscriptions.

End-to-end verifiable

After a the closing of a vote, consultation or survey, participants can verify if their ballot has been cast as intended - while not revealing what they have voted for.


Being as user friendly as possible is one of our highest priorities. The platform leads organisers and users organically through the process, from their phone, tablet or PC.


Integrate our platforms seamlessly into existing participation platforms or websites. Our service includes the setting up of your own platform with your organizations branding.