Athens Democracy Forum: The Online Voting Revolution for All

Dive into a captivating vision of future democracy, presented by Gilles Mentré, CEO of Electis, at the Athens Democracy Forum in partnership with The New York Times.


Democracy we all know is power of the people, but that word 'people' has been used by so many politicians and interest groups. Let's call it power of all. The question will be democracy by all, of all, and for all. Welcome to pancration

🎥 Why watch this video?

If you are passionate about the future of democracy, curious about how blockchain technology could shape our electoral systems, or simply wish to learn more about Electis' stance in this crucial debate, this video is for you.

🎯 Topics Covered

  • Democracy Today and Tomorrow : A deep introspection on the current state of democracy and what it could evolve into in a decade.

  • Online Voting and Blockchain: Discover how blockchain can revolutionize online voting, bringing both transparency and security.

  • Verification and Trust:  Understand the current distrust towards online voting and how blockchain can bridge this trust gap

  • Direct vs. Indirect Democracy : The influence of citizens and experts in a polarized democratic world.

  • Vision of the Future: A projection on how technology might balance the centralized approach of "datatorship" with enhanced citizen participation in a "pancracy"

Watch the video now to explore Gilles Mentré's vision of a renewed democracy strengthened by technology. Join us on this journey towards "pancracy"!