The Technological Power of Electis

Always in pursuit of technological excellence, we are committed to integrating the finest innovations from cutting-edge research. Electis redefines electronic voting by merging the robustness of Django, the sharp verifiability of ElectionGuard, client-side encryption, the immutability of Tezos Blockchain, decentralized storage through IPFS, anonymization via Mixnet, and enhanced security through Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Multi-factor Authentication, the Benaloh Challenge, Personal and Universal Verification, and the Fiat-Shamir Heuristic, thereby creating a tamper-proof, transparent, and highly secure election platform that sets a new standard of excellence, embodying a revolution in the electronic voting domain.

By embracing an open-source approach and utilizing blockchain technology, we make the Electis voting system transparent and verifiable, a crucial step to establish trust and ensure the integrity of elections.
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Transparency and Open Source 

The foundation of trust and verifiability in our electoral process.

ElectionGuard SDK

The core of verifiability and security in the electoral process.

With ElectionGuard, we transform electronic voting into an end-to-end verifiable experience without compromising the confidentiality of votes.
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Encryption occurs directly on your device before the vote reaches our server,a solid barrier ensuring the security of your choices.
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Client-Side Encryption 

Ensures confidentiality and integrity of votes right from the start.

Tezos Blockchain

Immutability and transparency for tracking and verifying elections.

We utilize the Tezos blockchain, a distributed ledger technology, to anchor the proof of each election in an immutable chain, thus ensuring unparalleled transparency and verifiability.
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Our platform is built on Django, a framework designed for robustness and simplicity, ensuring smooth management of users and elections.
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Django Framework

Provides the robust and reliable structure for managing users and elections.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs (NIZK)

Essential for proving validity without revealing sensitive information.

NIZK proofs are our shield against fraud, ensuring everything is in order from start to finish, without revealing sensitive information.
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We ensure secure entry into the system with two-step authentication, keeping intruders at bay.

Multi-factor Authentication  

Strengthens the security of access to the platform.

Decentralized Storage IPFS

Allows for enduring transparency and accessibility of electoral data.

IPFS allows us to store and share electoral proofs in a decentralized manner, ensuring foolproof transparency.

A technique that allows voters to validate or reject their ballots before submission, thereby strengthening the verifiability of the electoral process.

Benaloh Challenge  

Enhances the verifiability of the electoral process.

Personal and Universal Verification

Provides additional assurance on the integrity of the final count.

Our system allows for two-level verification, enabling voters and guardians to check the integrity of the final count, and assuring voters that their vote has been correctly counted.

A savvy mechanism that turns interactive proofs into non-interactive proofs, simplifying verification without sacrificing security.

Fiat-Shamir Heuristic  

Simplifies proof verification without sacrificing security.


Adds a layer of anonymity, particularly useful for large elections.

By integrating Mixnet, we will add a layer of anonymity, mixing votes in a way to protect voter identity in major elections.

Our smart contracts act as digital seals, validating each step of the election and recording the results indelibly.

Smart Contracts  

Digitally seals each step of the election and records the results indelibly.

Electis transforms online voting by combining advanced technologies that ensure an easy-to-use platform, fully transparent and ultra-secure, making each vote as solid and verifiable as a digital notarized deed.