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Protect the integrity of each vote with our secure electronic voting platform based on blockchain technology. Together, let's make the electoral process more transparent, accessible, and foolproof

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Why is our platform your ideal choice for electronic voting?

Guaranteed Security:

Your data and votes are sealed and immutable, thanks to the power of blockchain.

Transparency and Traceability

Every vote is traceable, verifiable, and cannot be altered, ensuring complete transparency


Allows every voter to participate securely and simply, regardless of their location


Our proven technology ensures the reliability of the electoral process from start to finish

Revolutionize Your Electoral Experience

  • Simplified Voting

  • Verifiable Results

  • Maximum Security

  • Assured Savings

Combining Technology and Simplicity for Democratic Elections:

Experience online voting that combines organizational simplicity with paper-vote-level security. Electis not only guarantees voter anonymity but also ensures total verifiability of the results for all stakeholders.

Assurance and Transparency at Every Stage of the Vote:

Our opencore solution allows voters to verify the presence of their ballot in the urn and confirm that it remains unchanged and unaltered. This is possible due to the blockchain usage and decentralized storage of all electoral data, allowing for a reliable and transparent recount of votes.

Preserving Confidentiality with Robust Encryption:

Ballots are encrypted locally on the voter's device before transmission to the server, ensuring that Electis does not store any sensitive data. The homomorphic encryption used prevents any revelation of a ballot's content or the identity of its author, thus ensuring a secure and anonymous electoral process.

Affordable Elections without Compromising on Quality:

Thanks to the funding from the Tezos Foundation for the research and development of the platform, we can offer our electronic voting technology at attractive prices for all organizations, whether Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Emerging Technology Industries (ETIs), large groups, associations, NGOs, or local authorities.

Solutions for All Your Needs

Human Resources

For organizing elections and consultations among collaborators.


Solution for managing all elections in the Assembly

Critical Survey

A survey tool that guarantees the anonymity of the information collected

Approvals and Certifications

Approval from the Ministry of Labour

Allows Electis to conduct professional elections on behalf of companies and transmit the results electronically

Data Processor Compliant Solution

Authorized to conduct professional elections on behalf of companies and electronically transmit the results.

Privacy Tech Label Laureate:

Collaborative innovation aimed at identifying and promoting juridico-technical solutions for the protection of privacy on the Internet.

Gouv Tech Reference:

A catalogue listing digital solutions for use by administrations and public actors.

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